Scholarship Recipients 2020

Benjamin Ancell
Ben attended New Trier High School where his interest and passion have been around performing arts and theater. He will continue to pursue these passions as he works toward a degree in Musical Theater at The Boston Conservatory, Berklee College of Music.
Michael Barker
Michael attended Loyola Academy and is interested in science, architecture and helping others. He will be attending Bucknell University where he plans to pursue Engineering with the hopes of working on solutions to help slow the pace of climate change.
Maggie Cao
Maggie, recipient of the Kitty Shen Leadership Award. She is a New Trier High School student who likes music, debate, science and math. She has already worked on science research at the University of Chicago. She will be attending Yale University and plans to pursue a degree in Pre-Med and fulfill her dream of being a doctor.
Lily Christopher
Lily attended New Trier High School where her interest and leadership were demonstrated through tennis and badminton. She is passionate about working with children and will be pursuing a degree in Education at Vanderbilt University this fall.
Jaden Gilley
Jaden attended New Trier High School and his interests include robotics, drone flying and teaching middle school students at STEM camp. His dream is to be an Aerospace Engineer and he will be pursuing this major at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.
Esther Xu
Esther attended New Trier High School and her interests are all about children and teaching. Her experiences as a camp counselor, retreat leader and English tutor in China have all reinforced her desire to pursue Education while at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.
Frank Zawrazky
Frank attended New Trier High School and is passionate about journalism and sports broadcasting. He hosts his own radio show and already has experience as a sports announcer. He will be pursing his dream at Loyola University studying Journalism.


The Winnetka Club Annually awards College Scholarships, and the 2020 recipients are…

The Winnetka Club has awarded academic college scholarships in excess of $100,000 over the past ten years to support the college dreams of outstanding graduating seniors living in New Trier Township. Connecting our community through friendship, learning and service are the foundation of our mission and supporting young, talented leaders of the future is one way we do that.


Past Scholarship Recipients

Kathleen Hopps – University of Denver - Kitty Shen Scholarship
Pierce Brachmann – Tufts University
Paige Forester – M.I.T.
Amelia Kittle – Bradley University's School of Nursing
Emmanuel Ruiz - University of Illinois - Chicago
Katie Bauer – NTHS – Kitty Shen Scholarship
Lisa Gong – NTHS
Sophia McGowan – NTHS
Tatum Koehn – Loyola Academy
Graysen Doran – Loyola HS – Kitty Shen Scholarship
Jasper Gilley – Home-schooled
Helen "Parker" Snow – New Trier HS
Christopher Canning Jr. – Loyola HS
Alexis Brooks – New Trier HS
Natalie Kalter – New Trier HS
Ruben Greenstein – New Trier HS
Laura Vita – New Trier HS
Paris Silverman – New Trier HS
Alyssa Ulbert – New Trier HS
Hadley Bushonvile – New Trier HS
Alyssa Heath – Trinity College – Kitty Shen Scholarship
Talia Schiff – Indiana University
Jack Osborne – Notre Dame University
Therese Jaggard – University of Illinois
Dillion Forester – Colgate University
William Curren – Columbia College of Chicago
John Haboush – Marquette University
Gabby Kraus – Ohio State University
Jeremy Lee – University of Missouri
Katie Miller – Saint Louis University
Ally Neumann – Indiana University
Samantha Neumann – Indiana University
Sarah Wright – University of St. Andrews